Introducing // Studio 1049 Builds

Studio 1049 Builds

Back when I was deciding what to call this business of mine, I knew I wanted to stay far away from "Bethany Williard Interior Design".  Something about naming the business after myself made it impersonal to me (go figure! right?).  What I did know is that I wanted the name to be a little more abstract.  I loved the idea of one day being able to bring on new talent outside of my own skill set or explore different artistic ventures.  To give myself that freedom, I wanted an umbrella under which all things creative could fall…thus Studio 1049 was born.  

Fast forward roughly two years, countless hours of hard work, research and a few mishaps along the way- and I'll tell you I couldn't be happier!  Sure, Studio 1049 has a hell of a lot to learn but I have a sneaky feeling I'm on the right path to figuring it out! 

I thought with Fall approaching, now would be a great time to introduce a new project that developed over the past few months.  I've decided to introduce a Builds category to Studio 1049's list of services.   


It all went down a little something like this:

Client: Hey Beth, can you help me design and furnish my totally awesome and super cool loft apartment downtown?

Designer: Can I?! I would give up chocolate for life to be a part of this project!

Client: Okay, cool.  By the way we have 20 foot ceilings and an 8 x 8 foot mural a friend did for me that I would like to hang.  Can we find a table that sits under the mural that's roughly 9 feet long x 12 inches deep? 

Designer: Sure, no problem! How would you feel if I just built you a custom console table?

Client: Sounds great, do whatever you want, I trust you.

Designer: Can I keep you forever? 

And that my friends are what Designer dreams are made of.  

So behold the first commissioned piece of furniture built by yours truly! 

Studio 1049 Console Table
Studio 1049 Console Table
Studio 1049 Console Table

I shall call her Allana.


Like I mentioned above, the clients have this awesome loft downtown with killer city views.  Their style could be described as a mix of industrial steampunk while remaining very soft, warm and casual.  They don't like a lot of accessories or clutter and hoped to have a piece of furniture that would pair nicely beneath their mural. 

For me, this project was heaven from start to finish.  I loved working on the overall design of the space, but then being able to sit down and create a piece of furniture specific to the needs of my client was a real treat!  

It all started by having this vision of the perfect table for the space.  The dimensions were very important and a huge reason why we decided to go custom.  After we figured out how large the piece needed to be I ventured out to source materials.  Keeping with the rustic industrial feel, I knew a refurbished wood table top was right up my clients alley.  I'm a huge fan of Construction Junction, and found various widths of wood planks that I ended up puzzling together to create a gorgeous pattern of different textures and sizes.  I wanted the legs to be supportive (obviously!) but also minimal in appearance so the table top seemed to float under the artwork.  I've used steel plumbing in past projects and found the material to be the perfect pairing alongside the warmth of the wood.  

I just loved the entire process, from start to finish, it was about creating something gorgeous out of what could look to be a pile of forgotten parts.   

Studio 1049 Console Table

So now you may also be wondering "Why the heck is your big ass beautiful table sitting in the middle of that foggy field?"  

Well, I'm glad you asked!  

I needed to take photos of this beast before I shipped her off to live out the rest of her wonderful life with my dear clients.  And my super stylish friend Megan Zotis, of Blue Bells & Lipstick decided she wanted feature the table in her Wonderland blog post.  So together we trekked out into the wild unknown at 6:30 in the morning to capture a little design & styling magic.    

Studio 1049 w/ Blue Bells & Lipstick
Studio 1049 Builds
Blue Bells & Lipstick
Blue Bells & Lipstick

Honestly, we were like giddy school girls when we rolled up at the location and saw the fog! It was the perfect backdrop to let our creativity shine through.  

For more images from our early morning excursion, pop over to Meg's site and get the latest trends for fall!