Room of the Month // Kids Bedroom

The month of April has always been near and dear to my heart, not only are at least half of my best friends all Aries but last year I had the joy of becoming an Auntie towards the end of this month!  

With Little Miss Thang's 1st birthday quickly approaching, her Momma and I are starting to put plans together for her play room.  She's the first born, grand-baby and niece in our immediate family so to says she's a little spoiled is an understatement! I mean before she was born my brother dubbed her nickname "The Empress".  She didn't stand a chance, poor thing :)

But anyways, since I've got playrooms on the brain I wanted to dedicate April's Room of the Month to Kids Rooms!  

How fun does this space look?!  

From the bright colors to this adorable teepee, this room is bound to keep those little humans busy for hours. 

I love when a nursery or kids room forgo the overly done "matchy matchy" motif and lean towards a more sophisticated style.  Kids need a place that will spark their creativity and imagination, and transition with them as they grow.  

Don't get me wrong I'm all for having a theme, I just can't handle when the same character is on your baby's blanket, lamp, wall art and area rug; if you catch my drift.  Check out this article over on Lonny for more inspiration!