DIY // Pillows

Last year, after moving into my new place, I was on the hunt for some killer throw pillows to spruce up my existing grey living room sofa.  I searched high and low and just couldn't find anything I liked (that was in my budget) so I thought; "I'm a crafty girl, I know someone who's a wiz on the sewing machine, BOOM- let's make some!" 

I had originally fallen in love with and was inspired by the gorgeous textiles and designs by Rachel Atwood. Having had some previous tie dyeing experience from my time with Urban, I set out to save myself a few bucks and make my own pillows.  Along the way I ended up creating a few different styles, playing with fabric combinations and have got to say I'm pretty happy with the final collection! 

Blue tie dye
gold zipper detail
Purple tie dye
Grey Herringbone
Blue and Grey pillows
DIY pillow pile
Purple tie dye and white striped pillow
Purple pillow pile
Blue tie dye & patch pillow
Blue and white pillow pile
3 pillows stacked

I knew I wanted to keep the color pallet somewhat limited so I chose Rit Dye in denim blue and black.  As you can see the "black" turned out a little more purple than I had expected so, I experimented and tried to leave the fabric in the dye longer but I the color stayed the same. I also decided to go with a white denim as the base fabric to keep the overall look somewhat consistent between the two dye colors.  I backed all the pillows with a contrasting light grey linen and added a gold exposed zipper for a tiny touch of pizzaz.  

My living room scheme is still a work in progress or else I'd show you the pillows in their natural environment.  But, rest assured, after I added in a faux fur pillow the amount of texture is just right for me! 

A huge thanks to my Mum for her sewing skills and for sticking by me as we constructed the grey herringbone pillow!! It's by far my favorite one :)

What do you think?! Could you incorporate tie dye into your home or is it just a little too Dazed and Confused for you?