New Series!! Room of the Month // Entryway

Greetings!! Now that the new year behind us, I'm sure we're all trying to stay true to the resolutions we've set for 2015.  I know a major theme on my list this year was growth, mostly for Studio 1049 - but there are a few personal goals in that category as well.

One major goal of mine is to finally commit to a consistent blogging schedule.  I've done all the research, I know the benefits this will have, now it's time for me to simply sit down and get to writing.  Easier said than done, huh?!  But I'm happy to say I'm off to a good start, well at least the planning portion.  With the help of my trusty assistant I've planned out an entire years worth of posts!  There are some new and exciting things to come and I can't wait to share them with you all!

So without further ado I'd like to introduce a new series I'll be carrying on throughout the year, it's called...


I decided to keep it fun and simple, and I hope you'll enjoy it too! I'll be designing the spaces based on my aesthetic and to show a little more of my personal style.  I'm sticking to residential spaces and at the end of the year, it will be great to look back and see whether it all fits together or if I need to be committed to the local looney bin. 

First up is the Entryway!  

Studio 1049- Room of the Month // Entryway

1.  Side Table // 2. Armchair // 3. Leather Pouf // 4.  Pendant Light // 5. Natural Jute Pouf // 6. Overdyed Rug // 7. Contemporary Rug // 8. Cotton Throw // 9. Estelle Tray // 10. Geode Print // 11. Tall Mirror // 12. Carpe DIem // 13. Abstract Script II 

What do you think?!

Overall, I like the simplicity and the small pops of color used in the tray and the pendant light.  I think I may also need to add some layered rugs into my life very soon, loving the extra texture it brings to the space.  Also, I have a little secret... while putting this post together I unknowingly wrote a "How to"  guide on entryways.  I thought about cramming it all into one post but decided against it.  Lucky for you I'll be releasing it later this week so check back soon!

(I used Polyvore to create the layout)