Room of the Month

Room of the Month // Kids Bedroom

The month of April has always been near and dear to my heart, not only are at least half of my best friends all Aries but last year I had the joy of becoming an Auntie towards the end of this month!  

With Little Miss Thang's 1st birthday quickly approaching, her Momma and I are starting to put plans together for her play room.  She's the first born, grand-baby and niece in our immediate family so to says she's a little spoiled is an understatement! I mean before she was born my brother dubbed her nickname "The Empress".  She didn't stand a chance, poor thing :)

But anyways, since I've got playrooms on the brain I wanted to dedicate April's Room of the Month to Kids Rooms!  

How fun does this space look?!  

From the bright colors to this adorable teepee, this room is bound to keep those little humans busy for hours. 

I love when a nursery or kids room forgo the overly done "matchy matchy" motif and lean towards a more sophisticated style.  Kids need a place that will spark their creativity and imagination, and transition with them as they grow.  

Don't get me wrong I'm all for having a theme, I just can't handle when the same character is on your baby's blanket, lamp, wall art and area rug; if you catch my drift.  Check out this article over on Lonny for more inspiration!

Room of the Month // Mudroom

With Spring (hopefully!) right around the corner, I thought March would be a great month to tap into spring cleaning mode and put together a look for a stylish and functional Mudroom.  In a far off corner of my future dream home, I would love to have a laundry/mudroom combo like the one below!  I'm sure I'm not alone when I say the act of doing laundry is something I loath, but a part of me also feels if I had a proper space with all the bells and whistles to match, I suppose I could learn to bare it :)  



Room of the Month/Mudroom

Lighting // Clock // Herringbone Watercolor // Black & White Vase // Laundry Cart // Rug // Bench // Sorel Boots // Accordion Hamper // Wall Hook // Washer & Dryer // Double Vanity

Here are some (5) essentials this magical mudroom might have...

1. A surface to fold all the clean laundry I've just done.  Personally, I know if I don't fold it right away it will end up in crunched into a ball in a basket for the next 4-6 days. Roughly.

2. Some storage for all the cleaning products, whether it's laundry related or not.  Cold weather related gear; gloves, hats, scarves.  (Side note- for me this space also acts as a hub of the house in a sense, right off the kitchen between the garage with a separate outside entrance. Hey, a girl can dream, right?!) 

3. Seating. duh.

4. Wall Hooks; for coats, bags, scarves. Again, organize and display your clutter in a way that it could pass for a relaxed lived in look. 

5. A little bit of style. Just because it's the laundry room doesn't mean it should be over looked in the personality department.  Just think about how much time you actually spend trolling around your washer and dryer. It's a great space to have some fun with and test out brighter colors you may be shying away from using throughout the rest of your home.  

In my research I also found this super helpful article over on Domaine about "The Most Life-Changing Laundry Hacks of All Time".  You're welcome!

Room of the Month // Master Bedroom

Today I'm revealing my second room in a fun new series I started last month,  Room of the Month!  As a designer a lot of my time is spent sourcing for clients or dealing with day to day office stuff so this series is a way for me to share a little more of my personal style with you.  Since it's February and Valentines Day is quickly approaching I decided to put together a look for a Master Bedroom (oh-la-la!) 

 Canopy Bed // Side Tables // Pendant Lighting // Geometric Rosetta Mirror // Ikat Floor Poufs // Striped Rug // Seagrass Jute Rug // Copper Coffee Table // Slipper Chairs // Three Drawer Dresser // Scribe Peace Wall Art // Linda Colletta Abstract Art // Garance Dore My Cape Print // Ombre Curtain Panels // Tripod Floor Lamp 

Paint Color- Behr Cumberland Fog #56OE-2

What do you think?!

For me, I like my sleeping space to be calm, cozy and uncluttered.  I love the look of a neutral color palette with tiny pops of color and tons of different textures throughout the space.  (Did you notice I went with a layered rug look again? - must have!)  I'm also a big advocate of not having a TV in the bedroom, mostly because I'd stay up until the wee hours of the night watching movies but it just gives a more serene polished feel to the room.  

Check back next month to see what space I'm tackling next! 

New Series!! Room of the Month // Entryway

Greetings!! Now that the new year behind us, I'm sure we're all trying to stay true to the resolutions we've set for 2015.  I know a major theme on my list this year was growth, mostly for Studio 1049 - but there are a few personal goals in that category as well.

One major goal of mine is to finally commit to a consistent blogging schedule.  I've done all the research, I know the benefits this will have, now it's time for me to simply sit down and get to writing.  Easier said than done, huh?!  But I'm happy to say I'm off to a good start, well at least the planning portion.  With the help of my trusty assistant I've planned out an entire years worth of posts!  There are some new and exciting things to come and I can't wait to share them with you all!

So without further ado I'd like to introduce a new series I'll be carrying on throughout the year, it's called...


I decided to keep it fun and simple, and I hope you'll enjoy it too! I'll be designing the spaces based on my aesthetic and to show a little more of my personal style.  I'm sticking to residential spaces and at the end of the year, it will be great to look back and see whether it all fits together or if I need to be committed to the local looney bin. 

First up is the Entryway!  

Studio 1049- Room of the Month // Entryway

1.  Side Table // 2. Armchair // 3. Leather Pouf // 4.  Pendant Light // 5. Natural Jute Pouf // 6. Overdyed Rug // 7. Contemporary Rug // 8. Cotton Throw // 9. Estelle Tray // 10. Geode Print // 11. Tall Mirror // 12. Carpe DIem // 13. Abstract Script II 

What do you think?!

Overall, I like the simplicity and the small pops of color used in the tray and the pendant light.  I think I may also need to add some layered rugs into my life very soon, loving the extra texture it brings to the space.  Also, I have a little secret... while putting this post together I unknowingly wrote a "How to"  guide on entryways.  I thought about cramming it all into one post but decided against it.  Lucky for you I'll be releasing it later this week so check back soon!

(I used Polyvore to create the layout)