House Tour // Townhouse Holiday Decor

The countdown is on! And with 2 weeks till Christmas you most likely have your decorations up, your shopping done, gifts are wrapped and you're just sitting pretty, relaxing and enjoying this peaceful time of year! NO?!  You're not?! Well, I'll let you in on a secret, I'm not ready either!  

I'm 100% guilty of being my own worst client and this time of year is no exception.   But, I have a good excuse! While I've been neglecting my own holiday decor I was busy adding a little holiday layer to this gorgeous townhouse!  

The home is actually a model for a new development, so it was important not to outshine the overall design of the space. Take a peek inside to see how I added just a touch of glitz and glitter, and to hopefully make buyers feel like they've come home for the holidays!  


The house was fully furnished and styled by another designer with a strong color story of grey's, aqua's and yellow's.   Keeping that palette in mind I played up the sparkle aspect with varying metallics and tiny touches of aqua here and there, just to accentuate the existing decor.   

So, if you're still fretting about getting your home holiday ready, don't stress and just try adding light touches here and there.  You want your decorations to compliment your existing style, not steal the show!  

Happy Holidays!!



Bar Cart Styling // Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine's Day Dessert Bar Cart

I'm not really one to go crazy over Valentine's Day, but something I can absolutely 100% get down with are all the sweet treats that get passed around in honor of L.O.V.E.  To celebrate this year I opted to re-style your traditional bar cart into a fun and flirty dessert bar where you could host friends, family or that special honey for a Valentine's Day celebration.

For this post I recruited my super talented, hilariously funny, ride-or-die, BFF, Megan to help me with the styling (she also has a major "in" with a local chocolate company). Her adorable mom, Vickie is the Master Chocolaterie behind Victoria's Fudge-A-Licious, their creations are beautiful, delicious and so unique! Seriously, if you or someone you know is having a wedding or shower soon call Miss Vickie- your guests will not be disappointed! Her specialty is fudge, but she was kind enough to whip up a few other confections to contribute to the cause.  Feast your eyes below while I'm over here enjoying the leftovers!! 


Gold Bar Cart and 2 Prints
Ivory Banner & Black frame print
Rice Krispy Treats & Pink Lemonade
Red and White Roses in Black Bucket
Heart Shaped Fudge
Valentine's Day Desserts
Dessert Bar Cart Styling
Rock Paper Print and Candle
Gold Valentine's Day Bar Cart
Victoria's Fudge-a-licious

Bar Cart // Lantern // Firefly Lights // Champagne Flutes // Stay A While Banner 

   All the props you see are pieces I already owned, some store bought, some are "Muggie Treasures", I did my best to source items that are still available for purchase.  The tea towel and ice bucket were a part of the Wit & Delight for Target collection they launched last fall, it was only available for a limited time and I hope they do another line in the future! Meg contributed a lot of the crafts, her styling and impeccable handwriting, comic relief and the delicious sweet treats of course.  One thing is for sure this will not be the last time we collaborate!  

Happy Valentine's Day my loves!