The Louise Dining Table

Louise, is a recent build project I completed for a family near and dear to my heart.  This custom farm table was the finishing touch on their dining room makeover.   After a serendipitous moment the lumber for the table top was sourced from Construction Junction, and the pedestals were salvaged from individual end tables.  If you could have seen the original planks of wood... there's no way someone could have sat down and enjoyed a meal without getting an arm full of splinters! It's amazing to see what a little elbow grease and TLC can uncover! 


And a little snapshot of Louise in her forever home! And I do mean FOREVER!

Decorative Trays

As my first post of 2016, I want to say thank you for joining me again!  I apologize for my radio silence but what's important is that we're both here, now! So let's get on with it shall we?!

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite go-to home decor items.  It may not be a secret to anyone but the key to a well designed and styled space is organization, functionality and a few pretty little bits and baubles.  Well... okay, maybe that's not the official definition of great interior design but that's my general design philosophy for this post.  Don't get me wrong, I'm usually a "less is more" kind of girl, but I do enjoy a few fun accessories here and there.  And in my opinion, one of the best accessories for a well styled space is with the use of a tray.

Think of a tray like a necklace, it may not be the most functional part of your outfit, but it adds that little extra touch that takes your overall look up a notch!  Mostly, it's purpose is to hold other items, but that simple selfless act of corralling objects adds a touch of organization that says "Hey! Look at this gorgeous, perfectly styled coffee table.  I know what the heck I'm doing and it looks gooooodd!"  

If you peek into any home decor magazine or if you're an avid design "pinner" like myself, I can guarantee you, you'll see a tray or two pop up from time to time!

So now, without further a-do I give you 10 decorative trays I'm currently coveting!  



You can see they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures.  Heck, some of them are cheese boards disguised as trays! But I promise, whatever your decorating style may be there is the perfect tray out there with your name on it.  The only thing that limits you is your imagination.

As for uses, again endless options.  You could style one on your coffee table to hold books, magazines, remotes, a candle or a vase with flowers.  



On an entry table used as a catch all for your keys, wallet and sunnies. 

Source  GREY & SCOUT

On a dresser or nightstand to showcase a grouping of your favorite collectables.

Or maybe, as the most obvious use, a way to cart around drinks at your next outdoor party! 


So there you have it, 10 trays styled four different ways.  Or if trays aren't really your thing,  tell me what's your go-to home decor accessory?

"Vintage Charm" Article Pittsburgh Magazine

Vintage Charm Cover Photo

Happy Friday! I just wanted to take a moment to formally share the article Pittsburgh Magazine put together featuring a project of mine for their October home issue.  The article was published online a couple weeks back but the printed copy arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  I've got to say it's pretty freaking neat to see some of your work in a magazine for the first time.  

Studio 1049 Pittsburgh Magazine October 2015


The story was about re-using and re-purposing vintage furniture and home accessories, something very near and dear to my heart!  Pop over to read the entire issue, it's full of great tips and tricks on how to incorporate family owned or thrift store finds into your home!



A special thanks to everyone at Pittsburgh Magazine for this awesome opportunity, and a congrats to my fellow article partner Morgan McCollum


Studio 1049 Builds

Studio 1049 Builds

Back when I was deciding what to call this business of mine, I knew I wanted to stay far away from "Bethany Williard Interior Design".  Something about naming the business after myself made it impersonal to me (go figure! right?).  What I did know is that I wanted the name to be a little more abstract.  I loved the idea of one day being able to bring on new talent outside of my own skill set or explore different artistic ventures.  To give myself that freedom, I wanted an umbrella under which all things creative could fall…thus Studio 1049 was born.  

Fast forward roughly two years, countless hours of hard work, research and a few mishaps along the way- and I'll tell you I couldn't be happier!  Sure, Studio 1049 has a hell of a lot to learn but I have a sneaky feeling I'm on the right path to figuring it out! 

I thought with Fall approaching, now would be a great time to introduce a new project that developed over the past few months.  I've decided to introduce a Builds category to Studio 1049's list of services.   

So behold the first commissioned piece of furniture built by yours truly! 

Studio 1049 Console Table
Studio 1049 Console Table
Studio 1049 Console Table

I shall call her Allana.


Like I mentioned above, the clients have this awesome loft downtown with killer city views.  Their style could be described as a mix of industrial steampunk while remaining very soft, warm and casual.  They don't like a lot of accessories or clutter and hoped to have a piece of furniture that would pair nicely beneath their mural. 

For me, this project was heaven from start to finish.  I loved working on the overall design of the space, but then being able to sit down and create a piece of furniture specific to the needs of my client was a real treat!  

It all started by having this vision of the perfect table for the space.  The dimensions were very important and a huge reason why we decided to go custom.  After we figured out how large the piece needed to be I ventured out to source materials.  Keeping with the rustic industrial feel, I knew a refurbished wood table top was right up my clients alley.  I'm a huge fan of Construction Junction, and found various widths of wood planks that I ended up puzzling together to create a gorgeous pattern of different textures and sizes.  I wanted the legs to be supportive (obviously!) but also minimal in appearance so the table top seemed to float under the artwork.  I've used steel plumbing in past projects and found the material to be the perfect pairing alongside the warmth of the wood.  

I just loved the entire process, from start to finish, it was about creating something gorgeous out of what could look to be a pile of forgotten parts.   

Studio 1049 Console Table

So now you may also be wondering "Why the heck is your big ass beautiful table sitting in the middle of that foggy field?"  

Well, I'm glad you asked!  

I needed to take photos of this beast before I shipped her off to live out the rest of her wonderful life with my dear clients.  And my super stylish friend Megan Zotis, of Blue Bells & Lipstick decided she wanted feature the table in her Wonderland blog post.  So together we trekked out into the wild unknown at 6:30 in the morning to capture a little design & styling magic.    

Studio 1049 w/ Blue Bells & Lipstick
Studio 1049 Builds
Blue Bells & Lipstick
Blue Bells & Lipstick

Honestly, we were like giddy school girls when we rolled up at the location and saw the fog! It was the perfect backdrop to let our creativity shine through.  

For more images from our early morning excursion, pop over to Meg's site and get the latest trends for fall!


Room of the Month // Kids Bedroom

The month of April has always been near and dear to my heart, not only are at least half of my best friends all Aries but last year I had the joy of becoming an Auntie towards the end of this month!  

With Little Miss Thang's 1st birthday quickly approaching, her Momma and I are starting to put plans together for her play room.  She's the first born, grand-baby and niece in our immediate family so to says she's a little spoiled is an understatement! I mean before she was born my brother dubbed her nickname "The Empress".  She didn't stand a chance, poor thing :)

But anyways, since I've got playrooms on the brain I wanted to dedicate April's Room of the Month to Kids Rooms!  

How fun does this space look?!  

From the bright colors to this adorable teepee, this room is bound to keep those little humans busy for hours. 

I love when a nursery or kids room forgo the overly done "matchy matchy" motif and lean towards a more sophisticated style.  Kids need a place that will spark their creativity and imagination, and transition with them as they grow.  

Don't get me wrong I'm all for having a theme, I just can't handle when the same character is on your baby's blanket, lamp, wall art and area rug; if you catch my drift.  Check out this article over on Lonny for more inspiration!

Room of the Month // Mudroom

With Spring (hopefully!) right around the corner, I thought March would be a great month to tap into spring cleaning mode and put together a look for a stylish and functional Mudroom.  In a far off corner of my future dream home, I would love to have a laundry/mudroom combo like the one below!  I'm sure I'm not alone when I say the act of doing laundry is something I loath, but a part of me also feels if I had a proper space with all the bells and whistles to match, I suppose I could learn to bare it :)  



Room of the Month/Mudroom

Lighting // Clock // Herringbone Watercolor // Black & White Vase // Laundry Cart // Rug // Bench // Sorel Boots // Accordion Hamper // Wall Hook // Washer & Dryer // Double Vanity

Here are some (5) essentials this magical mudroom might have...

1. A surface to fold all the clean laundry I've just done.  Personally, I know if I don't fold it right away it will end up in crunched into a ball in a basket for the next 4-6 days. Roughly.

2. Some storage for all the cleaning products, whether it's laundry related or not.  Cold weather related gear; gloves, hats, scarves.  (Side note- for me this space also acts as a hub of the house in a sense, right off the kitchen between the garage with a separate outside entrance. Hey, a girl can dream, right?!) 

3. Seating. duh.

4. Wall Hooks; for coats, bags, scarves. Again, organize and display your clutter in a way that it could pass for a relaxed lived in look. 

5. A little bit of style. Just because it's the laundry room doesn't mean it should be over looked in the personality department.  Just think about how much time you actually spend trolling around your washer and dryer. It's a great space to have some fun with and test out brighter colors you may be shying away from using throughout the rest of your home.  

In my research I also found this super helpful article over on Domaine about "The Most Life-Changing Laundry Hacks of All Time".  You're welcome!

10 Must-Have's for a Bedroom

I did a post on 10 steps to a Stylish and Functional Entryway last month and heard from a little bird that she found it to be helpful in organizing her home, so I thought I'd finish off this month with a list of Must-Have's for a bedroom.  

Hint: It doesn't have to be your bedroom, this list is also great for guest rooms!

To me, your bedroom is a place in your home you can escape to; whether it be from work, your family or roommates, or even your own over active mind. I believe this space should be your ultimate happy place!

Here is my list of Must-Have's for every bedroom.


10 Must-Have's for a Bedroom


Image  Via

Image Via

1. Great Bedding - I feel like this is something you grow to appreciate as you get older.  College is long gone and along with it should be sheets that feel like sandpaper. Yuck! Treat yourself and invest in some higher quality linens.  I prefer a crisp white sheet set, it's easy to keep clean and it allows for some variety in your duvet cover if you like to switch it up throughout the seasons.  

Image  Via

Image Via

2. Bedside Lighting - key word on this one is BED. SIDE.  How do people ever find their way back to bed in the dark if the only light switch is all the way over by the door? Save your toes some pain and make sure you and your guests have a light nearby.  It's also great for reading in bed! (because you're already one step ahead and you don't have a TV in your bedroom :)

Image  Via

Image Via

3. Area Rug - All I'll say is this, a few months ago I invested in a pair of faux fur area rugs to place on either side of my bed and my outlook on early mornings have changed significantly for the better.  Whatever your texture of choice may be, an area rug adds warmth to any room.  

Image  Via

Image Via

4. Mirror -  Unless you're one of the lucky ones who are fortunate enough to have a separate changing room, most likely you also get dressed in your bedroom.  You'll need to make sure you look your very best to tackle whatever the day decides to throw at you.  A mirror will also reflect any natural light the room gets- place opposite a window for maximum effect.  Just remember to open your blinds every once in a while!

Image  Via

Image Via

5. Bedside Surface - This doesn't have to be a table or traditional night stand, just something off the floor for a book or a glass of water to rest.  I've seen a lot of cool rooms that take a unique approach to this bedroom staple.  An old trunk, a small chair or a stool are all great substitutes in my book. 

Image  Via

Image Via

6. Window Treatments - The darker the better. I love natural lighting as much as the next girl but, Sun, please do not interrupt my slumber! I'll wake up and appreciate you when I'm rested and ready, thank you very much. 

Image  Via

Image Via

7. Seating - Whether you're reading, talking on the phone or putting your shoes on, I think it's important to have somewhere other than the bed to sit.  I'm a big fan of a bench at the end of the bed... Or bonus points if that bench is actually a chest, then it doubles as storage!

Image  Via 

Image Via 

8. Catch all tray - Just a little something to place on your dresser or nightstand to keep yourself organized.  Like I mentioned in my 10 Steps to a Stylish and Functional Entryway post, your clutter can look a lot more intentional if it's organized and displayed the right way. 

Image  Via

Image Via

9. Art / Inspiration / Books - This is your space so let it reflect what you love.  I say you can never go wrong with a well executed gallery wall.  If that's a bit too busy for you try just a few special pieces spread throughout the room that hold sentimental value.  But be careful with pictures of family! You and your honey are okay, but no one wants Aunt Maude staring at them while they sleep.

Image  Via

Image Via

10. Pillows - The more the merrier. And in contrasting colors, prints and textures, please!  I know some people are probably thinking "What do you need all those for? Half the time they end up on the ground!"  But I love the way it looks with rows upon rows of pillows, all plush and fluffy.  It just makes my heart happy to see a beautifully made bed!  


* bonus tip - Do you want to know how you can take a great thing and make it 1000% better?! (I'm talking fresh sheets, people!)

11. Pillow Spray -  Go out and get yourself a tiny bottle of this stuff, it's about $10 bucks, or make your own, but the next time you change your sheets spray a little between the top and fitted and again on your pillows and I guarantee when you crawl into bed that night you'll think you've died and gone to heaven!


And because it might be hard for some to see what's stopping you from having that calm, serene oasis I thought it might be helpful to include a small list of what to keep out of your bedroom.

5 OH-NO-NO's!

1. Television - I'm confident enough today to say I used to be one of those people who "thought"  I needed the TV on to fall asleep, but ya know what? It's just not true.  It's a nasty added distraction that keeps you up way later than you should be.  I challenge you to remove it from your bedrooms for a month and see if you miss it! Read a book, talk to your bedmate, sing a song for crying out loud, just get rid of it!

2. Desk / Work Space / Computer - I'll be a little more lenient with this, mostly because Pintrest, but honestly work has no business being a part of your "happy place" and I'm someone who loves what I do for a living!  Unless you're putting pen to paper and writing actual letters to loved ones, I say keep desks and work stuff out of the bedroom.  

3. Exercise Equipment - I've seen it all.  Treadmills and gym equipment should not be in the same room where you lay your head down at night.  Pee-yew!

4. Food - Pretty self explanatory, but try and keep the midnight snacks in the kitchen. 

5. Clutter - Look around, if there is anything in there that doesn't bring you 100% happiness and joy move it to another room.  Your bedroom is a space to clear your mind and recharge, how can you do that when you have piles upon piles of nonsense stacked up against the walls.  


I hope this helps, just remember your bedroom is an oasis, a place to rest your feet and an escape from the day.  And if you have any suggestions of topics or need help with rooms in your home please let me know in the comments, I'm always listening! 

DIY // Pillows

Last year, after moving into my new place, I was on the hunt for some killer throw pillows to spruce up my existing grey living room sofa.  I searched high and low and just couldn't find anything I liked (that was in my budget) so I thought; "I'm a crafty girl, I know someone who's a wiz on the sewing machine, BOOM- let's make some!" 

I had originally fallen in love with and was inspired by the gorgeous textiles and designs by Rachel Atwood. Having had some previous tie dyeing experience from my time with Urban, I set out to save myself a few bucks and make my own pillows.  Along the way I ended up creating a few different styles, playing with fabric combinations and have got to say I'm pretty happy with the final collection! 

Blue tie dye
gold zipper detail
Purple tie dye
Grey Herringbone
Blue and Grey pillows
DIY pillow pile
Purple tie dye and white striped pillow
Purple pillow pile
Blue tie dye & patch pillow
Blue and white pillow pile
3 pillows stacked

I knew I wanted to keep the color pallet somewhat limited so I chose Rit Dye in denim blue and black.  As you can see the "black" turned out a little more purple than I had expected so, I experimented and tried to leave the fabric in the dye longer but I the color stayed the same. I also decided to go with a white denim as the base fabric to keep the overall look somewhat consistent between the two dye colors.  I backed all the pillows with a contrasting light grey linen and added a gold exposed zipper for a tiny touch of pizzaz.  

My living room scheme is still a work in progress or else I'd show you the pillows in their natural environment.  But, rest assured, after I added in a faux fur pillow the amount of texture is just right for me! 

A huge thanks to my Mum for her sewing skills and for sticking by me as we constructed the grey herringbone pillow!! It's by far my favorite one :)

What do you think?! Could you incorporate tie dye into your home or is it just a little too Dazed and Confused for you?